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Our company can be considered as specialized in making the project, the construction and the sale of villas and apartements with high performant heating and sound technologies. Our houses are deeply isolated and need only a few electricity to have an ideal climate. They also have their own devices to produce electricity. That's why we talk about "zero consumption". The European directive 20/0/31 UE provides that form the 31st of december 2020 all new constructions must be "nearly zero-consumnption buildings". We are already building this kind of habitations certified in class A+, with a really limited consumption of energy. Our house produce even more energy than they need. Our houses are made with very thick walls, able to insulate the habitations without dispersing the heating outside, thanks also to the particular three glasses windows.

The energetic performance is optimized by the underfloor heating that uses a large area to spread out the heat. As a consequence, the water temperature that doesn't need to be very high. The house is more homogeneously heated than with the normal radiator. The innovative heat pump installed in each house provides to produce warm air in winter and fresh air in summer. It is able to use the same process in two different ways. The heat pump is also able to heat sanitary water using the solar energy absorbed by the solar panels.

The warm water obtained by the solar panels is constantly accumulated in a great tank and can be used all over the day for sanitary and domestic uses. The heat pump and the solar panels can cover almost the entire need of warm water in the house. That's why our houses are "almost zero-consumption building".

The electricity used for the innovative machines is produced by the photovoltaic panels installed in each house's roof. That allows to be totally disangaged by the gas supply and to have very low electric bills. Our houses' comfort is increased by the controlled mechanical ventilation, that pull continously clean air inside the house and used air outside without dispersing the heat, thanks to a particular machine.

This innovative machine works all over the day creating healtly and fresh air at each moment of the day and of the night, in each season of the year and with every weather situation. The dispersion of heat is limited at most thanks to controlled mechanical ventilation and to three glasses windows, specially designed for our company and certified in class A+. The purpose of our company is to put together the work of different techniciens to create the most possible comfortable houses for our customers. We put a great care in the architectural study of the project and in the following direction of works.

A great effort is employed is in the choice of modern technologies and the most eco-friendly materials, that contribute to reduce at mostly the house consumption.
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